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I finally got my Black Hole chest piece and the new cute little puppy :)

I just remembered that I am now a social level high enough to get the totally awesome Voss Mystic social gear.

New RP outfit and one to run around the fleet in. But I am debating on making it my PvP outfit as well. I would consider PvE, but I am holding out for the really cute Black Hole chest piece for that.

Now I think I really have way too many clothes for this character, but there are so many cute things that she actually looks good in. Now my Chiss on the other hand… She has one set I like on her, but the other pieces I like make her look funny with her blue skin.

Our guild tried a stab at a 16-person raid.

We downed the first boss of Karaga’s Palace in hard mode on the first try, but Jarg and Sorno were giving us a hell of a time.

But at least we had fun and hopefully we will be able to complete a hard mode soon.

This basically sums up what Amïdala is all about.

Gotta love world PvP. :D

I was out finishing my dailies in The Black Hole, when I finish my last quest I get jumped from behind by at least 10 imps.

The fight went on for a long while too. They started at our base and we eventually pushed them to theirs and that went back and forth a few times until they finally gave up because our numbers got so large.

Things I did find out though. In the beginning I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t storm our base and kill us all. I figured they could take out our guards easy enough. It wasn’t until we pushed them back to their side and three of our guys ran towards them and they crossed an invisible line and all died instantly. It made for good laughs to trick a few guildies in to crossing it by daring them to touch the car right by the line.

But it ended with us winning and my entire guild in The Black Hole. Awesome times.

I think I am a little obsessed with clothes in the game…

I have a PvP outfit, a PvE outfit, and then three full outfits for RP and then several other odd pieces that I really like.

The one I am currently wearing is a RP outfit and one to wear around on the fleet.

Amïdala, you have stolen my heart :)

I finally bought my Chiss :) and now she is half way through level 12. Hopefully she will be 20 before the day is over.

My server had a world PvP event tonight. Each side had two bases on Alderaan and Belsavis where there was a VIP that the other side had to kill. The objective is to protect your VIP and try to kill the other sides VIP.

It ended with the Republic side killing all 4 VIP’s and the Imperial side killing only one. Some went to Coruscant to celebrate and of course Alpha Company was in formation trying to put on a show.

Oh and the second picture is of us dominating an Imp base, right after we killed their VIP.

I’m soooo close to being able to buy the Chiss race that it hurts :(

Maybe after the datacron hunt I can finish the rest of my dailies and I can buy the race tonight.

I made a post about a while back where this level 50 stops me and started messing with me and wouldn’t kill me. Then his friend shows up and they both kill me, but I had called my guild out and they where fighting them, where I got killed like 5 more times by them.

Well yeah. I just got into a warzone tonight with the first guy and a few of his guildmates. And lets just say I was in the zone tonight in wz’s and was being pretty bad ass before I got into this one. I ended up killing him at least three times and I had 49 kills. The game ended in a tie since neither group planted a bomb on the second door.

The unfortunate thing is that I think I filled my screenshot folder up tonight. So I didn’t get any screenshots of any of the wz’s I played tonight. I am so sad about this. I did well on most of them and I think it is the best I have done since I turned 50. Also, I got to kill this guy, while he didn’t play so well in comparison. 

Not sure if I am still not peeved about Tatooine though.

Yay. Yay. Yay!!!

The list for server transfers is up and Jung Ma is a destination server for Ven Zallow.

Hopefully we will get another server coming over soon. I hope most people will come over.

Server transfers supposedly start tomorrow and I have a feeling that Jung Ma will be a destination server for RP-PVP.

We are one of the top 20 servers and there are only three servers exactly like ours. So yeah. Excited. Finally some new people to play with.

A few people in our guild decided to play a little after Alpha Company showed up in Outlaws Den to do some filming for a video to promote our server.

We took a Imperial that was a friend of the guild and RP walked him to where Alpha Company was.

Of course they took him and all killed him.

They even said they filmed the whole thing. I know I don’t like Alpha Company at all, but I really hope it makes it into the video, just so I can watch. :D

I suddenly got the urge to make a new character and not play one of the other three level 1’s I made.

I made a Sith character this time and she is an Chiss Imperial Agent.

So far I am liking her :)