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Server transfers supposedly start tomorrow and I have a feeling that Jung Ma will be a destination server for RP-PVP.

We are one of the top 20 servers and there are only three servers exactly like ours. So yeah. Excited. Finally some new people to play with.

These last two days it has been run, run, and run.

Yesterday I took my car in to get the gas leak fixed. $200. Over half of it was labor, which is bullshit, but my grandma paid for it as an early birthday present. 

I had to go to my new job at the retirement home to see why the time clock wasn’t clocking me in or out.

I went to my bank to deposit the money my dad sent me (child support) and I applied for a credit car (and got approved!!!). I get my card in the mail in a few weeks. I can’t wait for that.

Then I worked four hours at the day care. The kids were actually good and they all went home early. 

Then today I had to work eight hours at the retirement home (I am a server). It is only my third day and because someone called out, I got to serve my own section at lunch. I wasn’t really nervous, but I am kind of excited that I got to do it all by myself. I fucked up a few times and kept messing some of the things up, but I got through it without anybody else’s help.

I work another eight hours there tomorrow and then a full week of working at the day care. I am never going to get a day off unless I quit one of these jobs or a major holiday comes.