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(via azshura)

(via azshura)

Favorite Inner Senshi? (and why)

Sailor Venus, because she was Sailor V too :)

Favorite Outer Senshi (and why)


Sailor Saturn. I am not really sure why I like her, maybe it was the way she came into the show and it made her seem special in the season. 

Character you wish was a Senshi

There was nobody I really wanted was a Senshi, but I did wish that Serena’s friend Molly knew about her being Sailor Moon.

Least favorite villain?

Dr. Tomoe

I really couldn’t stand him or him using his own daughter.

Favorite Villain?

Queen Badiane from Sailor Moon Super S The Movie

Prettiest/most handsome character?

I can’t pick one, so I picked three. 

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mini Moon

And Sailor Venus :)

Couple you wish existed?

Michelle and Amara (U.S. names) in the U.S. dub. 

Best couple?

I am going to have to go for the main couple in the show :)

I just thought they were so adorable together. 

Best friendship?

I really liked the friendship between Rini and Hotaru.

Favorite character recently?

My favorite Sailor Moon character recently would have to still be Sailor Moon herself. I am trying to get through watching the original version and so far she is still my favorite.