Rachele. 21. Florida. Student. Diabetic. Atheist. Feminist. Pro-Choice. Socialist.

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The newest addition to my family.

He is 12-13 weeks old and his name is Anakin aka Darth Vader. Hehe.

But he is so precious. He is sitting in my lap as I type this, just purring away. He is also a great cuddler.

I am a little obsessed with this photo of me…

I am loving the corset though. It makes my boobs look nice.

I have to say though, I really like this picture of me.

It is three months old, but who cares. Life was so different then :( and slightly better.

Not sure if I like this picture or not.

Especially the way the light hits my face and it looks like it crosses over with my pillow on the left…

My mom made me go to the store to buy her beer, so I got this for myself.

I have never had it before.

Hope it is good :)

I don’t know if you can tell, but I got my hair done last week. I got it dyed dark brown and got it cut (which you can’t really tell).

I would have kept it down, but I was getting ready for work. And I finally did my makeup for the first time in weeks. So yeah, deserved a picture.

I forgot to post this, but this was me on my birthday!! :)

Josh finally talked me into buying this game.

I guess I did it to please him since I will be moving back home, but I told him we are still going to play WoW no matter what. 

One thing I hate about my new job is that the uniform includes a white shirt…

I don’t have any all-white bras and I only have one white tank-top. So basically you can see my tank-top and can sort of see the rainbow polka-dots on my bra. Yay for my first day of work!! lol.

Spike comes in to save the day.

Loving on me ever since. :)

I will sleep a lot better tonight now that he is here.

Finally got internet back at Josh’s house.

Watching Breaking Bad while waiting for him to get home from class.

I guess I am starting to like it here. 

Sitting here with my Angry Bird and a glass of pink lemonade, about to watch The Vampire Diaries. :D

I am so fucking tired right now. I feel like I have been ran over by a truck. 

All well. just took some more medicine. Maybe when it knocks me out I will feel better. 

Me and Josh!! :)

Josh agreed with me when I asked if I looked pretty.

I’m trying really hard. 

Look at what I bought!!!

An Angry Bird :)

I wanted a bigger one, but FYE hasn’t had them in stock for months, so this one will suffice.