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Furthermore, traditional marriage

Define traditional marriage. 

is not private, it is a symbol for the community.  It is furthermore not something the government has any place in defining and so government has got to leave marriage to the Church, where it belongs.

Fuck you. The “Church” does not own marriage; by leaving it to “the Church” you would be erasing all non-Christian marriages. Most of my friends are atheists, many of whom are married. 

They also define their own marriages; not the fucking church.

Also, if you take the government out of it you can say goodbye to all the legal benefits that come along with a legally recognized marriage. Like being able to see and make medical decisions for your spouse when they are unable too. 

Why is anyone even surprised by Nikosnature being an asshole anymore? Look. If the community rejects me as a human being, why should I give a fuck what they think I should do if it doesn’t affect them in any way? If I marry a woman someday (thank you, Massachusetts!), how the hell does that affect you in anyway?

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